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A place where people are accepted as they are, a place where your opinion is heard, a place where love is visible, a place where grace is available – this is BETHEL.

We are passionate about following the Savior so we listen for his heartbeat. We are attempting to grow so God’s grace is necessary. We are striving to know so God’s Word is valuable. We are reaching out in love so God’s love is resourceful.

We are not experts but learners. We are not polished but resilient. We have not arrived but are on the journey.

Lowell and Robin Adams join us on Sunday, February 19 at 10:45 to share with us their ministry to Haiti to provide Haitians with clean water and better health.

Bethel Church will host GriefShare beginning in January.

Call (814) 364-1412 for more information.

Each week your GriefShare group will watch a video seminar featuring top experts on grief and recovery subjects. These videos are produced in an interesting television magazine format featuring expert interviews, real-life case studies, dramatic reenactments, and on-location video.

After viewing the video, you and the other group members will spend time as a support group, discussing what was presented in that week’s video seminar and what is going on in your lives.